Today, an understanding of ecological issues is critical for the survival of our planet. Children especially need to experience themselves as being part of the natural world. Cuvilly is committed to creating a space that respects all of creation in an ecological balance. 

    Preschool & Kindergarten

Using the expansive Cuvilly campus which includes open fields, woods, a pond and gardens, as well as paddocks for our many farm animals, the Cuvilly Preschool and Kindergarten provides students with a variety of learning experiences to guide them in positive modes of self expression and prepare them for future school experiences.

The Trail Blazers


Monday–Thursday 8:15am – 3:15pm


This full day Outdoor Program is designed for the older preschool/pre-k/k student who can easily separate from his/her parent or caregiver and is able to manage his/her own toileting needs. 


Our program takes place almost entirely outdoors, is place-based and child prompted! The entire campus including gardens, woods, barnyard, and fields is our classroom providing opportunities that connect our students to the earth, their peers and their instructors.  We will use the inside classroom only when absolutely necessary. 


Each student will carry his/her own backpack with personal supplies – food, water, hat, mittens or gloves and journaling materials.


We will journal, read, write, sing, tell stories, study, compare, count, build and create.  We will have opportunities to share our creations with our companion learners.


You may register your child for a M/W full day program a T/TH full day program, a Friday full day program or a combination of full day programs


                                     Nature Nuggets                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Monday –Thursday  8:25 to 11:25 am    Morning Program

                     12:25 pm to 3:25 pm Afternoon Program (Tuesday and Thursdays)


This half-day program is designed for students who are younger or who have not been cared for outside of the home. 


Home base for this program is our amazing outdoor “Inspiration station” and our large indoor classroom, with frequent visits to the gardens, barnyard, fields and woods. 

These early learners will hone their social skills as well as their imaginations as they explore the vast campus, observe the wonders of the diverse domestic and wild life, garden, create masterpieces, sing, tell stories and journal.  These experiences will help our student to become confident members of the earth community and well prepared for future learning adventures.


You may register your child in a M/W program morning or afternoon, a T/TH program morning or afternoon. You may sign up for ALL four mornings OR ALL four afternoons. 

                                    A Day of Adventurous Play!


Fridays 8:30 am – 3:30 am


Begin each weekend with a new adventure!


This Friday program is designed for the older preschool/pre-k/k student who can easily separate from his/her parent or caregiver and is able to manage his/her own toileting needs.


This is an outdoor program, theme/place-based and child prompted! Like our Trail Blazer Program, the entire campus including gardens, woods, barnyard, and fields is our classroom.


Each Friday will be a new adventure such as The Winter Woods, What’s In Your Back Yard, Hilltop Huts, Seasonal Soup, and Over the River and Through the Woods to name a few.   These experiences help children discover the magic of the landscape surrounding them, develop self-sufficiency and collaboration skills, encourage healthy risk assessment, and become comfortable with themselves as an essential part of this earth. The primary goal is to stimulate the children’s curiosity about the natural world and grow to love it.  Through exploration they are motivated to discover, empowered to make choices, and encouraged to think critically and creatively to develop solutions to life’s challenges.


Each week the teachers will provide suggestions about how your family can further develop the adventure at home or in your neighborhood.

                                        One Day-Week School Programs  


Day of Adventurous Play Jr.


These afternoons will be spent mimicking the hugely popular Friday program at Cuvilly, while  a bit shorter for those not wanting the whole day experience. Starting with a favorite book, the teachers and children will go on an adventure throughout the campus, exploring, visiting the barn animals, learning about the interconnectedness of all life. The children and teachers will explore habitats, using binoculars and Trail Cameras, they will explore using their senses and the expressive arts of painting, poetry, music and drama. There will be a snack and story time in each session. Some sessions may take place fully outdoors if weather permits.

When: Mondays or Wednesdays (or both!)

Time: 12:25-3:25 pm

Who: Children between 2.9-6 years

Cost: $1,625 for the school year

Fledgling Farmers (Fridays)

Fledgling Farmers is our farm-based program for preschool, pre-K and kindergarten children one day a week.


The fledgling farmers claim Cuvilly’s barnyard and kids’ garden as their home base with visits to the woods and fields as well as the farm fields of the Three Sisters Garden Project located on the Cuvilly Campus.


The children will participate in farm chores and activities such as:


Mucking and re-bedding stalls

Preparing animal feed

Filling water buckets and hay mangers

Starting seedlings, and planting and weeding gardens.


Doing this they learn to understand the unique needs of each being and begin to realize their own connection with them. At the core of this farm experience is Cuvilly’s guiding principal: “All life is sacred and the diversity of life is essential for the well-being of the planet.” As the children learn about farm life and build their farm skills they will also be building an understanding of themselves as a part of the greater earth community.

This program is offered in the fall and spring for 10 week sessions. 

For more information about programming at Cuvilly Arts and Earth Center
please call
Kelly at 978-356-4288 or email at
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Teaching Staff


Kelly Martignetti, School Coordinator & Nature Nuggets Teacher


Hope Murdoch
Trail Blazers Teacher


Keira Relly
Trail Blazers Teacher


Catie Como
Nature Nuggets Teacher


Kristy Camp
Nature Nuggets Teacher