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Cuvilly Ecojustice Network

Our Mission

Cuvilly has expanded its programming to include the Ecojustice Education Network.  This expansion provides educational opportunities for youth and adults to help address the current ecological crises of climate change and biodiversity loss. 

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Ecojustice Curricula

Cuvilly is in the process of developing ecojustice curricula beginning with “Landscaping for Biodiversity” based on Professor Douglas Tallamy’s book Nature’s Best Hope. Dr. Tallamy, University of Delaware Chair for Entomology and Wildlife Ecology, is responding to a rapidly declining pollinator population by proposing the Homegrown National Park.


With Tallamy’s blessing we have developed a six-module curriculum complete with the experiential learning needed for students to establish pollinator gardens appropriate to their geographical region. You will find links to the curriculum modules below.

Landscaping for Biodiversity Curriculum

This six-module curriculum, complete with the experiential learning needed to establish pollinator gardens, is a great opportunity to link learning to action.

Through engaging multimedia materials, you will learn, at your own pace, the importance of biodiversity putting that knowledge to the test during 'Critical Thinking' questions and 'Pause and Ponder' moments. Importantly, you can also get your hands dirty as you develop the skills to build your own wildlife corridors for bees, a variety of insects, and birds.

Thank you for your support!

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