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If you are interested in our Earth Speaks Workshop, please contact us at the button below!





May to November 2021 :


We will be joining with the Notre Dame Spirituality Center

and the Three Sisters Garden Project to offer:



“Themes from ‘Braiding Sweetgrass’”

– a new, experimental program and outdoor/indoor hands-on experience that explores themes
from Robin Wall Kimmerer bestselling book “Braiding Sweetgrass”.


Saturdays, May 8, June 19, July 24, Aug 21, Sept 18, Oct 16, Nov 13. 9:00 am to noon.


*For more information please follow this link Themes from Braiding Sweetgrass


Earth Speaks is a workshop which focuses on building your  

heart connection and dialoguing with the heart of Mother  

Earth. Using the creative tools of sound, symbols, words  

and voice we will explore our individual relationship with  

Earth within and without ourselves. We will work with the  

book, “Heart Speaks - Mother Earth” by Kathleen Quigley.  

The paintings and poems from the book will guide our  

individual journey for the day. They will help us to connect  

to our own heart language and that of Mother Earth.  

Kathleen Quigley will lead a guided walking meditation  

and individual and group activities all taking place in the beautiful nature space

of Cuvilly Arts & Earth Center in  

Ipswich, MA. 

Come join us and strengthen your connection with  

Mother Earth! 


Saturday, September 25th, 2021 - 9:15am-12:15pm  

Fee: $100.00  

(Includes a copy of the book “Heart Speaks - Mother Earth.” by Kathleen  Quigley)  


I am the energy of the mighty Oak  

My energies permeate this earthly plane with strength and wisdom  

Stand strong in your roots  Know thyself  Love thyself  

Connect to the wisdom of the ages  

Rise up to the heavens rooted strongly into the Earth 


(from “Heart Speaks - Mother Earth” by Kathleen Quigley) 


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