The Cuvilly Barnyard

 At Cuvilly Arts and Earths Center, students come to know our farm animals just like they would their own peers; contributing members of our community. This experience is unparalleled for young children learning how to care and interact with not only the barnyard animals, but Earth and its inhabitants. What our Cuvilly students learn through our farm animals establishes a foundation for how they will grow to become productive members of the greater earth community.


Each student gets an opportunity for a hands on learning experience whether it be looking for eggs in the chicken coop, help feeding our pigs, help to muck and rebed stalls, and learning the daily care and upkeep of each one of our animals. A unique opportunity that no other preschool can provide on the North Shore, and a memory that lasts a lifetime.

Fledgling Farmers

Formerly known as Farm Fridays, Fledgling Farmers is our farm-based program for preschool, pre-K and kindergarten children one day a week.


The fledgling farmers claim Cuvilly’s barnyard and kids’ garden as their home base with visits to the woods and fields as well as the farm fields of the Three Sisters Garden Project located on the Cuvilly Campus.


The children will participate in farm chores and activities such as:


*Mucking and re-bedding stalls

*Animal grooming

*Filling water buckets and hay mangers

*Starting seedlings, and planting and weeding gardens.


Doing this they learn to understand the unique needs of each being and begin to realize their own connection with them. At the core of this farm experience is Cuvilly’s guiding principal: “All life is sacred and the diversity of life is essential for the well-being of the planet.” As the children learn about farm life and build their farm skills they will also be building an understanding of themselves as a part of the greater earth community.

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**This program is currently not being offered at this time. **

Please check back for updated information.


Ages: Going into 1st through 4th grade


Children create their own adventures and discover wildlife at Cuvilly Arts & Earth Center's beautiful farm and reservation. Programs vary but the premise remains the same: What would life be like if we lived within a 100 mile radius; if we lived within a 50 mile radius; if we lived JUST on this piece of land?  Children are encouraged to uncover the awesome secrets of the Cuvilly campus  and become part of the story of this special place.

Meet our Animal Friends!

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Barn Hand & Animal Caretaker