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Day of Adventurous Play

Fridays  8:15 to 3:15pm

This Friday program is designed for older preschool/pre-k/k student who can easily separate from his/her parent or caregiver and is able to manage his/her own toileting needs.This a an outdoor program.

Begin each weekend with a new adventure!


Theme/place-based and child prompted! Like our Trail Blazer Program, the entire campus including gardens, woods, barnyard, and fields is our classroom.


Each Friday will be a new adventure such as The Winter Woods, What’s In Your Back Yard, Hilltop Huts, Seasonal Soup, and Over the River and Through the Woods to name a few. These experiences help children discover the magic of the landscape surrounding them, develop self-sufficiency and collaboration skills, encourage healthy risk assessment, and become comfortable with themselves as an essential part of this earth. The primary goal is to stimulate the children’s curiosity about the natural world and grow to love it. Through exploration they are motivated to discover, empowered to make choices, and encouraged to think critically and creatively to develop solutions to life’s challenges.


Each week the teachers will provide suggestions about how your family can further develop the adventure at home or in your neighborhood.

For more information, email Kelly at

To enroll in programs, please follow the link below and email or mail the completed enrollment form to Kelly Rich at


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