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For 30 years, our renowned pre-school and kindergarten has been the anchor of our mission and message. For ecological sustainability to become a reality, we must increase our efforts to engage with children of all ages and expand our outreach to the community-at-large.


There are many ways you may help:


  • Contribute funds for the support of our school program.
  • Donate funds for the care and feeding of our farm animals.
  • Help fund our Cuvilly Renewable Energy initiatives

Support Cuvilly


Adopt a Cuvilly Critter


Two pigs, four sheep, one llama/alpaca mix, two horses, two donkeys, a herd of Nubian goats and a bevy of geese, ducks and chickens are all part of Cuvilly's Critters. In recent years, providing food, veterinary services, grooming and medications for the animals is becoming increasingly expensive. By "adopting" a Cuvilly animal, herd or flock, you'll be helping to maintain the animals' health and contributing to their general welfare as valued members of the Cuvilly community!

Adopt Any One Animal


$25/ year

Adopt Any

Three Animals


$60/ year

A Flock of Geese


$125/ year

An Entire Herd of

Nubian Goats


$125/ year

The WHOLE Barnyard



$250/ year

As a special acknowledgment of thanks, we'll send you a photo "adoption" certificate of the animal or animals you choose to "adopt."


Vehicle Donations


Make Cuvilly Arts & Earth Center your designated charity when you donate your used car, boat, motorcycle or RV to Car Program, Inc. Every donation earmarked for Cuvilly Arts & Earth Center results in substantial financial support for our organization. Donate Your Used Car Online

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