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cuvilly /kōō-vĭl-lēē

The Cuvilly Arts & Earth Center is a ministry of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur and, as such, uses the Hallmarks of the Sr. of Notre Dame as a foundation for programs. Specifically Cuvilly is dedicated to modeling ecological sustainability through programs in education, agriculture and the arts. Cuvilly strives to create a space that respects all of creation in a ecological balance. All decisions are made with this guiding principle: All of life is sacred and the diversity of life is essential for the well being of the planet.

Meet Our Staff

  • Taylor Sico-McNulty

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  • Kate Dwyer

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  • Sr. Patricia Rolinger

    S.N.D.deN Founder. Executive Director More

  • Ginger Shaughnessy

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  • Heather Forbes

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  • Julie Nichols

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  • Alicia Merry

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  • Gary Fowler

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  • Elizabeth Green

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Cuvilly  Farm is home to an array of farm animals - horses, donkeys goats, pigs,  chickens, ducks and geese. The interactions between our students and these animals teach our them that eggs come from chickens (not the supermarket), that manure becomes compost to nurture vegetables and flowers, that a pig is more than a pork chop and, as such, is a living being with value in and of itself. They illustrate the interconnectedness of life, an essential theme of our curriculum and overall mission.

The Critters